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Eighth Grade Shop

The End Table

1,300 tables
10 years










Each 8th grader builds an oak end table like this during their 9 weeks in the shop. 

DCG eighth grade students have produced over 1300 of these tables in ten years. 

 Click this picture to see more tables

Click on a Picture Below to See a Video of Activity Described (Video is in Real Player):

Mr. Wiemers Cutting
on the Table Saw

Demonstration on
Gluing & Clamping Legs

Students Gluing
& Clamping Legs

Students Planing
& Routering Legs

Demonstration on
 Constructing the Side
Students Constructing
the Sides of the Table

Constructing the
Drawer Front

Demonstation to Assemble
the Standing Table

Students Assemble
Their Tables

Click HERE  to see a page of pictures

Click here for end tables.

Click HERE for pictures of 8th graders working.


Open the 8th Graders' self-evaluation rubric:

click picture to see rubric

Waxing and buffing the final finish on the table . . . watch the video

Staining the tables. . . watch the video