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Videos from Mr. Wiemers' Shop Classes and Advisory



Visit the Dallas Center Grimes middle school shop and
see the activities. 
Galyn Wiemers gives a tour of the seventh grade
shop at DCG.

Two seventh grade students explain and demonstrate
how to sweat a copper T fitting to a copper pipe in
Mr. Wiemers Shop.

Making wooden tops on the lathe in the DCG MS
7th grade shop

Galyn Wiemers demonstrates how do solder copper pipe
and copper fittings for the Dallas Center-Grimes plumbing
module to seventh graders.
Galyn Wiemers demonstrates how do build the residential
wall for the Dallas Center-Grimes construction module to
seventh graders

A seventh grade student from Dallas Center-Grimes shows his project and explains how the engine module is set up.

Two seventh grade students demonstrate their use of the
CNC Lathe at the Dallas Center-Grimes Middle School
 in Mr. Wiemers' Shop.

Two seventh grade students at the DCG Middle school
explain and demonstrate how to solder the electronic components to a circuit board in Mr. Wiemers Shop.
Two seventh grade boys explain how they wired a
three-way switch in Mr. Wiemers Shop.

Three eighth grade students at the Dallas Center-Grimes Middle school explain and show how they built each of
their oak mission style end table in Mr. Wiemers' Shop.

The Dallas Center-Grimes eighth grade middle school
students begin the final two weeks of the quarter by staining
 their tables. These are the 1,000th tables made by
DCG MS students in the last eight years.

A Dallas Center-Grimes middle school students are building
a movable miniature golf to set up for a winter
advisory activity.

Fly safe this Halloween season! 
This safety video is brought to you by the DCG 7th grade shop.

Hundreds more videos made by the students learning and practicing recording and production
in seventh grade shop can be found
HERE on YouTube