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Cross Country



The 7th grade girls finished second in state in 2008.

Madison Waymire won the girls' state championship in 2009 when she was in 8th grade.


Madison Waymire was the 7th grade girls runner-up champ at state and Jacob Wiemers was the boys 7th grade state champion in 2008.

2 mile DCGMS - The two mile course in Dallas Center that starts on the track, follows the fitness mile and runs the second mile on the trail to finish on the track.

optional 1 mile route DCGMS - An optional mile run by the middle school.

3 mile DCGMS - Three mile run in Dallas Center.

3 mile run to cemetery dcgms - Three mile run to the country cemetery and back.

4.4 mile run to T dcgms - 4.4 miles south to the T, over to the blacktop and back to the track.

1/2 mile route on trail - half mile run on the trail behind the football field.